EARCR History

EARCR (European Association for Red Cell Research) is an informal Association of individuals and groups working on basic aspects of red blood cell structure and function in health and disease. Members come from many European countries and Israel, and there are also close links to the American Red Cell Club. The Society meets once every two years in an European country. All participants, including the speakers, cover their own expenses. There is a limited amount of money (on request) to support the participation of selected colleagues from East-European countries.

The tradition of EARCR conferences started since 1976 in Frankfurt (Germany) with the last one being organised in Triuggio, Italy (2009). The meeting will provide an interdisciplinary forum for scientists working in the field of red blood cell structure and function in health and disease. The objectives are to achieve international co-operation of researchers both in academia and medical institutions and to stimulate growth in the field of red blood cells for medical diagnosis and therapy. Simultaneously, red blood cells are model systems for the discovery of general principles in physiology, biophysics, and bioelectrochemistry. We intend to gather together around 120 participants. Papers will be published in the international scientific journal: Cellular & Molecular Biology Letters (Impact Factor 2008: 1.454).